Do I have to pay team dues?

Yes. All team members pay $20 for the season. $40 if on competitive

Do I need a racquet?

Yes. But if you do not have one we have one you can borrow.

What are practices like?

Practice usually lasts 2 hours and we do drills, games, and play matches at the end. 

Are graduate students allowed to be in the club?


When are matches?

Matches are held mostly all day on Saturdays.

Who do we play?

We play matches against other schools in the USTA's Midwest Tennis On Campus program.

What is the Tennis on Campus Program?

It is a program through the USTA (United States Tennis Association). We play matches against other schools in the USTA's Tennis On Campus program.

Do I have to play competitively?

No. If you do not want to travel but just want to play tennis you can. Feel free to come and play at our practices, the more people we have playing, the better!

Is it open to faculty and staff?

Yes. While there is no competitive play, Tuesday nights at Brophy Hall will be for everyone.